Christmas Cheer


Ho Ho Ho! 'Tis the season to be jolly! This flavoured blend of black tea and spices is the perfect amount of jolly for any time of year. It's a typical black tea but perfected by a typical spicy, Christmassy note. Natural vanilla, cloves and nuts provide a very special and festive taste experience.

Recommended for: A Christmas or winter treat, it will warm you up and enliven the Christmas spirit. A perfect fireplace tipple which also works wonderfully well as a savoury marinade in your seasonal and festive cooking.

Ingredients: Tea (89%), citrus peels, chopped almonds, cloves, vanilla bits, rose petals and cardamom.

Recommended brewing time: 3-5 mins

Recommended brewing instructions: 1 tsp per cup

Recommended water temperature: 100 degrees Celsius/ 212 degrees Fahrenheit

Health Matters: This blend is perfect to prevent those dreaded winter coughs and colds as it's a blend of immune-supporting ingredients. The polyphenols found in black tea are said to be good for oral health, a better heart, healthy bones and a better immune system. Contains caffeine.