China White Pai Mu Tan

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Pai Mu Tan is one of the most famous white teas from China and is produced in the Fujian province. This tea is only slightly fermented during processing, which is unusual for white tea.

Sensory facts:
Very large “colourful” leaf, silvery tips. Brown-yellow infusion, subtle and floral, very slight “baked” taste.

50g / 1.7oz

Recommended for:
Those seeking a milder alternative to green tea, this is an eloquent refreshing sweet flavoured tea.   

Recommended brewing time:
2-3 min

Recommended brewing instructions:
1 heaped tsp per cup

Recommended water temperature
70 degrees Celsius/ 158 degrees Fahrenheit

Health Matters:
Low in caffeine. Minimal processing. High in polyphenols, natural antioxidants, known to help detoxification.


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A quiet tea

I prefer light teas so this one hits the mark.

Cindy L.
United States United States
China White Pai Mu Tan

We enjoyed our drinks with our eyes as much as our taste and the white tea doesn't disappoint! Delicate in every sense it it's a joy to admire dry and when wet the colour deepens with infusion. The tase is quite nuanced and best enjoyed at the weaker side of portion per pot. It really is a sublime tasting experience and when married with chocolate, well life doesn't get much better as you sip away by the fire on deep winter. Greg Hastings

Greg H.
Ireland Ireland
Tea Review

I love all of the teas from this shop. I originally tried this tea because my mom took a trip to Ireland and brought some back to the States. I ordered from the website soon after! They are always tasty and never bitter.

Ashley C.
United States United States