Loco For Coco

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Flavoured blend of rooibos tea and spices. Delicate cocoa kernels lap around the mild taste of rooibos and exotic coconut. A heavenly experience.

Rooibos tea, cocoa kernels (30%), coconut chips (8%), flavour, carob bits.

Recommended for
An evening treat, this fun tea is sure to delight. Silky hints of chocolate and coconut make this a special treat. May be served with milk/cream/sugar.

Recommended brewing time:
6-8 mins

Recommended brewing instructions:
1 tsp per cup

Recommended water temperature:
100 degrees Celsius/ 212 degrees Fahrenheit

80g / 2.8oz

Health Matters:
Rooibos can encourage proper liver functioning and therefore possibly inhibit fatty liver disease from developing. Sometimes helpful the morning after the night before. Caffeine free.



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Cupán Tae Loco For Coco Review
I am Loco for Coco

I bought several different kinds of teas, many I haven't tried yet, to make up baskets for my sisters and friends. I arranged the teas in pretty little jars so everyone got to try a few different teas. I saved enough from each that I would get to try them all, too. I'm just now trying Loco for Coco and have come to regret sharing it with the others! I think this would be perfect for a Minnesota snow day! I can see I will need to place another order!

Juanita B.
United States United States
Amazing Flavor!

This is my 2nd time purchasing and I had to stock up on this delicious tea!

Lauren A.
United States

This is by far one of my favorite teas! It smells a little sweeter than it tastes, and is the perfect tea for the evening. I will definitely be buying a lot more this fall/winter!

Lauren A.
United States United States
Surprisngly lovely

At first sniff I thought that the Loco For Coco was too coconutty however at first taste that fear was dispelled. For me this tea works when I want to distract myself from snacking. Instead of reaching for a snack late in the evening I instead make a pot of this tea for two and it seems to settle us both, without any sweet treats being involved.

Miriam S.
Ireland Ireland
A sweet treat

Loco For Coco is perfect for serving with a dessert or just as a lovely treat in the afternoon.

United States United States
Seriously delicious

I've found a new favorite tea of all time, and it's the perfect combination of rooibos, coconut, and cacao. I live in NY, but this certainly won't stop me from ordering this treat. It's great on its own or with milk and just a tad bit of sugar.


Chocolate, coconut and rooibos - what's not to love?

Ireland Ireland