Popcorn Caramel Candy


POP! Flavoured blend of black tea, oolong, and fruits. With colourful sugar confetti and popcorn, complimented by the taste of caramel and candied almonds, this tea radiates a good mood. Close your eyes and dream of strolling around the funfair.

Tea, papaya bits, China Oolong tea, apple bits, naturally covered sugar confetti, macadamia nuts, chopped almonds, popcorn.

Recommended For:
Any sort of celebration. Delicious with sweet foods such as cake! We use this a great deal in baking.

Recommended Brewing Time:
3-5 mins

Recommended Brewing Instructions:
1 tsp per cup

Recommended Water Temperature:
100 degrees Celsius/ 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

Health Matters:
High in the FUN factor! Smiles are good for anyone's health! Contains caffeine