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Seaside Ginger Berry


Naturally flavoured blend of fruit melange and rooibos tea. Sand dune, beach and sea – in this low-acid fruit melange the typical Nordic taste of sea buckthorn berries meets slightly spicy ginger.

Apple bits, rosehip peels, Rooibos tea, sea buckthorn berries (13%), ginger (11%), carrots, hibiscus, natural flavour, safflower petals

Recommended For
Winter time, ward off any coughs and colds by enjoying this comforting tea. May be served with a wedge of lemon and or honey.

Recommended Brewing Instructions:
1 heaped tsp per cup

Recommended Brewing Time:
8-10 min

Recommended Water Temperature:
100 degrees Celsius/ 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

Health Matters:
Caffeine free. High in vitamin C and flavonoids, perfect immune boost.