Oriental Chai


Flavoured blend of black tea and spices. In the Orient the name “Chai” describes nearly every kind of tea. This tea creation originates from the Indian tradition and has a very intensive and fresh, spicy taste due to the variety of aromatic spices. A light orange flavour.

Ingredients: Tea (60%), pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and cloves.

Recommended For: Comfort from the cold, the spices added to this black tea will invigorate and stimulate. May be served black or with milk/cream/sugar if desired.

Recommended Brewing Time: 3-5 mins

Recommended Brewing Instructions: 1 tsp per cup

Recommended Water Temperature: 100 degrees Celsius/ 212 degrees Fahrenheit

Health Matters: Contains caffeine. Suggested to support good digestion and improve circulation.