Irish Breakfast


Good old fashioned "normal" breakfast tea. Of course with our normal tea being the highest quality blends of Assam leaves. Full-bodied, robust and rich, this tea is blended to go well with milk and sugar, a style traditionally associated with a hearty Irish breakfast tea.

Sensory Facts: Medium sized leaf, medium proportion of tips. Medium-Strong, well balanced, aromatic.

Recommended for: Traditional breakfast tea drinkers. It's the most consumed drink in Ireland! (After Guinness!) As Irish people well know, it can be sipped at any time of day with any type of food, but tastes particularly good with a digestive biscuit or two.

Recommended brewing time: 2-4 mins

Recommended brewing instructions: 1 tsp per cup

Recommended water temperature: 100 degrees Celsius/ 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

Health Matters: Naturally high in antioxidants. Contains caffeine. Known to cause smiling.